Launch of version 1.0

Hello World!

I'm excited to share the release of version 1.0! This is my first commercial release as a moonlighting solo indie dev, and I would greatly appreciate any and all comments or feedback, which will help to shape the focus of further updates and additions to this title.

My vision for this project was to create a simple, casual yet challenging, retro arcade-like experience .  I decided on making the dodge-roll be precision tactical, not overpowering, to make it a skill based move.  Dodge-roll early, or late, or at the wrong velocity and you likely will be dead. It also took a-lot of time to carefully craft each zone with a challenging but fair increase of difficulty based on difficulty setting, and zone level. I also wanted to give players a "finish-line", so if you complete zone 10 you get to the credits screen.

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