v1.7 released: 3 new ships!


  • 3 new ships, for a total of 6.
  • Attribute displays on the ship selection screen.
  • Add mega sized asteroids.
  • More clearly display level change indicators.
  • Screen shake with death animation.
  • Set full-screen to default and enable ability to change full-screen status at any time.
  • Fixed shield sound effects.
  • Adjusted audio levels

1st new ship is small, has the highest speed, loose handling, and a rapid dodge-roll recharge.

2nd new ship is medium, has medium speed, has the tightest handling, and a laser instead of a dodge-roll, with medium recharge. The laser can destroy small asteroids and slow down medium asteroids.

3rd new ship is large, has slow speed, has poor handling, but has a rapid recharge shield and medium dodge-roll recharge.

This update also included some code refactoring and the start of a dialog system, but these are just underlying bits that are going to come in handy for the next few planned updates.


Astrofield_Windows_v1.7.zip 29 MB
Jan 03, 2022
Astrofield_Mac_v1.7.zip 42 MB
Jan 03, 2022
Astrofield_Linux_v1.7.zip 30 MB
Jan 03, 2022

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