Version 1.5 released: New ship-Booklet-Tweaks

Version 1.5 changes:


  • Added a new ship. This now gives three ships to choose from in total. This ship is placed as the top option as it is the easiest to fly, the ships  below get more difficult to fly the lower down the list they are.  Each of the three ships have different advantages and handle differently, giving unique flying experiences. This ship has the least amount of drift, is the smallest and the easiest to manuever. It can even change direction and speed during a dodge-roll, something that the other ships cannot do. Also unique to this ship is a regenerating shield system, once it is depleted (one hit) it will regerate in a set amount of time.
  • Created a digital instruction booklet (PDF format). I was inspired to make this because I used to love getting new games with an instruction booklet or a manual to read through, and thought this would be a fun way to include more details and information for those that want it. This was my first time making a booklet, and had to learn how to use Adobe Indesign (at least the basics), but it was totally worth it. Also the booklet is available as a free download so you can check it out even if you don't want the game!


  • The pause menu has a sleeker look.
  • Updated the asteroid sprites for a better look and feel.
  • Removed deprecated code and unneeded project files from the final build to further optimize.


  • Now if you complete the game and start another round, it properly cycles the level music to the next track.
  • Created a new (better looking!) icon using a different workflow (Toycon) because I was getting a "no small icon found" error.

With an easier ship, a difficult ship, and a middle of the road ship, along with three different difficulty settings, this now essentially gives you 9 different difficulties of running asteroids, which I hope will give people a sence of customizing their run to their skill level, and can ramp up as much as they want to.

Happy piloting!


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