Version 1.6 update - Bug and Performance fix

Version 1.6 is live, this is a bugfix and performance fix update, please update asap.

  • Fixed the stuttering! Gameplay is smooth again!!!!
  • Fixed pause menu bug that can exit the game to the main menu unexpectedly when you press the Down and Action key simultaneously.
  • Fixed crate counter not resseting upon using pause menu to exit to main menu.
  • Fixed picking up crates while exploding, you can no longer do that!
  • Fixed Nimbus ship from being able to double die when hitting two asteroids, it only loseses one life at a time now :)
  • Fixed the icon for the MAC version, it should display properly now.
  • Improved the level indicator, making it static in top right corner. This makes it easier to know what level you are on.

If anyone else finds any other issues please let me know with any information you can provide and I will address. Also any other suggestions are welcome!  Does anyone want me to add an endless mode?

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May 30, 2021
Astrofield_Instruction_Booklet.pdf 96 kB
May 22, 2021

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