Road map for update versions 1.7 - 2.0

I have some ideas for this project to transcend it from being just an arcade game, to also having a story mode with rogue-like elements.  To get it to where I want it to go will take stages, so I'm going to try to give an outline for the next couple of version updates, with the story mode being playable starting with v2.0.


  • 3 new ships, for a total of 6.
  • Attribute displays on the ship selection screen.
  • Add mega sized asteroids.
  • More clearly display level change indicators.
  • Screen shake with death animation.
  • Set full-screen to default and enable ability to change full-screen status at any time.
  • Fix shield sound effects.


  • 3 new ships, for a total of 9.
  • Add a dialog system.
  • Further improve level change indicators.
  • Flex space.


  • Create a save file system.
  • Create more music tracks.
  • Flex space.


  • Create a separate story mode, rename original mode to Arcade.
  • Create a branching level system for story mode.
  • Create a ship purchase system for story mode.
  • Create a ship upgrade system for story mode.
  • Create story dialog.

If there arises a need to fix bugs or issues with any of these builds before getting to the next release version, there will be minor releases under the #.#.# designation, so for example if v1.8 has an issue needing to be addressed before v1.9 can launch then there will be a v1.8.1 release to address the bugs first.

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