Update v1.0.1 Released

TeTriDi v1.0.1 is a maintenance release to address bugs found by some of my friends.

  • New - Added color options in main menu to toggle the glow effect on and off.
  • Bug - Fixed player tokens sometimes not moving in sync with each other.
  • Bug - Menu level selection now always opens the actual level selected.
  • Bug - Can no longer open the pause menu during level loading.
  • GUI - Improved the menu selection cursor's positioning.
  • Backend - Removed some old unneeded files.

If anyone else finds any bugs, please let me know :)


TeTriDi_v1.0.1_Windows.zip 21 MB
Jun 14, 2022
TeTriDi_v1.0.1_Mac.zip 35 MB
Jun 14, 2022
TeTriDi_v1.0.1_Linux.zip 22 MB
Jun 14, 2022

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